30 mins So I took my son to his one month appointment and his Dr had the nerve to ask me if I was interested in enrolling my son into a program where I get paid $50 each time I let them TRY a new vaccine on him last time I checked my son is a HUMAN not a LAB RAT! They wanted to try the pneumococcal vaccine on him I told her no and her response was Well we do not see Anti-Vaxx patients in this office This office is Pro Vaccine We have clients here that will not bring their children if they see a non vaccinated patient in the office So I guess my son is purple with green polka dots or something since he's not vaccinated?? Didn't know you could tell just by looking at him that he hasn't had his shots! Looks like I'll be looking for a new pediatrician! 10 Comments Like Share Comment Ah yes this is super realistic and it’s not like you’re just posting this on an antivaxxer page for clout or anything Meme

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