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 @healthy debate to have.
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 This is why they break up the an infants
 first shots into rounds. They know it harms
 they immune system so they hit em with
 just enough chemicals to not destroy it
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 I've seen kids that were living with Lyme
 disease and their immune system was
 fighting the disease very effectively. The kids
 were showing zero symptoms. Within hours
 of getting the hpv vaccine they could hardly
 function. Either there was Lyme disease in
 the vaccine or the vaccine destroyed their
 immune system allowing the disease to
 affect the kids. Plus the cdc has been deleting
 evidence that links autism to vaccines for
 years now. It's been swept under the rug
 now but last year they were trying to bring
 the allegations before congress. Then there
 is the law that says you can't sue vaccine
 companies, why would they need a law like
 that if vaccines are harmless?
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This is why we can’t have nice things.