372236833221ipg-22 KB 672x371 ps4jpg Anonymous ID tulsithn 062613Wed045353 No489346490 Replies >48 >Be November 2013 Nextgen consoles are being released in North America Thousands line up outside game stores and electronic stores across the country >The largest collection of buyers in US history >Dozens of records in electronic marketing are being broken >A 101 ratio of PS4s being bought over Xbones >Thousands of Sony fanboys drooling over their $400 hardware inFAMOUS and Killzone is on everybody's lips >Gamers playing into the night the xbone being a laughing stock >Suddenly darkness All playstation 4s shut down simultaneously wtf jpeg nation wide A red light shines on the PS4s power button accompanied by a strange whirring noise Calamity Every PS4 bought within the United States detonates Hundereds of thousands perrish >Thousands suffer Explosions can be seen from outer space lluminating the continent like a christmas tree Meanwhile in Tokyo Japan >Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai looks over the Tokyo horizon from his office atop Sony Copmuter Entertainment headquarters >The detonator button flat against his thumb Eyes closed a faint expression of satisfaction etched in his countenance With a breath so subtle and a whisper so silent he utters one word Hiroshima Anon buys ps4 Meme

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