38% afone UK vodafone UK 856 pm 908 pm 45% i Fool all the girls who come after me are Get that big ass gap between your teeth between 18 and 26 NEVER older I have a fixed then maybe you have a chance at being a shoe model Nobody told you to say shit to me but you felt compelled? I'm on private because my account is a kink account plus I have a crazy chick stalker Nice guy? Yeah and proud to be never ending supply of young beautiful ladies I saw your little vid where you think you're cute You're only coming at me because you think you could get her She ain't 18 and she's madly in love with her man You keep dreaming and fantasizing I'm gonna keep doing me and NOT giving a shit what you think Gap? I don't know who's account you checked but I don't have a gap this is fucking gold This can't be real no way this is real I love this you have a crazy chick stalker yeah aight bro believe that Are you done or do you want Wait what? I'm discombobulated rn you're 51 stop acting like women come to you you fucking imbecile I don't want her because one she's a friend and just to continue looking like an idiot? all I said was oh you're one of those fuck off you nonce two she lives in fucking Hawaii and I live in London fuck are you on about? I'm telling you she's 1819 and I know she loves her bf what are you saying wtaf is this lol fantasizing you literally commented that you find it had to fantasy shutcho clown ass up about her cos she has a bf I don't think I'm cute I know I'm cute there's a difference You talking pretty big for someone whose account is on private Oh hold on YOURE ONE OF THOSE NICE GUYS Hard to fantasize Message Message a niceguy commented this on my friends post “Knowing you have a guy takes away from the fantasy you’re available and perhaps obtainable You are absolutely the freaking most gorgeous and cutest girl around Just NEVER obtainable” and I said ‘oh you’re one of those’ Here are the dm Screenshots😂 Meme

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