38% lEE 4G 2025 Q Search O0 Jeff Waters likes this Sham Uddin 2nd Barrister 59m Edited True story!! but I was reluctant to share this story but I think in the interests of justice I need to So yesterday I'm on the train coming back to Birmingham from London I was already on the train & sitting comfortably when 2 ladies got on the train & sat behind me During the journey one of them brought up the subject of LinkedIn and she was telling the other lady that she follows this guy who calls himself the bengal tiger & telling her friend she loves the way this guy annoys some people on linkdin and she thought he was also fit I took it to mean good looking not fit as an athlete So the friend asked her to show her the guys LinkedIn profile which I believe she did To my disappointment the lady she showed it to disagreed and said I wouldn't say his fit I would go only as far as to say he's cute Due to that turn of events I avoided introducing myself & I waited for them to disembark from the train before I left the train when we reached our mutual station I know who she is because I checked around that time who was checking my profile #bengaltiger 28 Oh no she said he's not fit but cute What a bummer Meme

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