3dspacejesus asked Prompt A fantasy world is so used to human children arriving to go on quests and learn moral lessons that they've set up a whole bureaucracy to deal with it Name? Trudy C- Is that a nickname?I need vour full name Gertrude Chau Favorite mythical creature? Unicorns do vou have a second favorite? Mermaids? l can get you mermaids What were you doing before you - how did you say you got here? looked under my bed for monsters and fell Scribble scribble Before that what were you doing? We just moved and - Hang on - Papers rustle Which of the following best describes your attitude excitement about your new opportunities apprehension about your new school or neighborhood resentment at loss of old friends and familiar settings or other? what does resentment mean? It means you're mad that they were taken away That one Okay And fingerprints here in case you take longer on your quest than you're supposed to and we need to do a locator spell and would you like a dagger magic wand animal companion or bow and arrows? I only get one? You can combine the animal companion with another option if you fill out form 37-J- Tll just take the magic wand There's a bin of them by the door take one and then recite this fairy summoning chant to call a guide fairy and be led to your destination Stamp check peeling of carbon paper This is your copy Next! Tags I love it make it happen The Department of Fantasy Quests for Human Children Meme

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