3h Not the right place for this but I flew to Kosamui small Island in Thailand and the main flight to Thailand was about 10 Hours I borded and was the only one who wasnt seated next family member No hard feelings since I was in the first row with that sweet extra Leg space to a Then this little Asian Grandma came down the row and was seated right next to me We waited about 5 min till the plane took off and no one was placed on the window seat She looked at me and I gave her a nod so she moved to the window seat and i stayed in the first seat leaving the middle one free I watched a movie and slowly began to fall asleep After a while I wake up but on the lap of this Asian Grandma! I was utterly embarrassed and tried to say sorry but she was so cool about it she just smiled and pointed to some food i was starving and said in this cute voice saved you and gave me the food and the drink I was on another level of thankful Later on the flight she slept 2 hours on my shoulder and yep I can tell you not every flight buddy is bad V Thank you random Grandma for being a good sport and caring for an 15 yo German Guy Reply 10k Man I hate waking up on peoples laps on planes Meme

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