3uy & Sell VEGAN LEVEL BOSS Vegan townhouse sharing a third bedroom near New lease and renovations in a Non-smoking quiet townhome to share with 2 working professionals one small dog and 3 cats Suitable for another vegan working professional grad student or upper level student serious about their studies We have most furniture plus kitchenware and willing to share You will need own bedroom furniture About 15 min drive from good direction 5-6 min to the B ae tom Station sorry Don't conditioned since you were born to ignore the suffering of animals They are similar to us in all ways that matter There Is really no humor in anyone's suffering There are victims Involved but you want dead body parts in the fridge or on the stove where we live Anymore than I would want dead human parts in the fridge or on the stove Different from a rental that the owners don't live in your comments an find that funny? Do you eat dog meat? No that would no longer be disrespectful to the animals suffering for a few minutes on yaur palate Are you aware of the funny right?! The only difference is your perception Try being on the right side of history only difference tremendous suffering? Let me If tis not for you you can moveects take this ofnine if you want t along Or ask how you can become vegan Now there is a compassionate idea?!? Right? Interested? I can help you you if you are not But let's take this offline if you want t DIDN'TEND4 IT HRTGHANGED The final vegan boss lives in my city! Meme

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