4 -' 04 French ▼ English coup de feu gunshot English 04 French coup de fou Blowjob French ▼ 4 English ▼ coup de foudre love at first sight FEnglish 04 French coup de foutre Cum shot Did you mean coup de foudre? feniczoroark candygarnet shamwowxl wine-dark-sea ilyasaurus randomfandomteacher indigopersei broitsablog wildeisms @indigopersei is the french language just always on the verge of getting someone accused of assault or? my friendif only you knew It’s a very dangerous language to learn Here’s an interesting thing about French! Everything needs to have an article in front of it That’s why it’s “la chat” as opposed to just “chat” So for instance you could say la fille for the girl or jeune fille for young girl but you can’t just say fille because that means you are calling her a sex worker in a derogatory way The moral of the story is if you want to make something rude in French just take out the article in front of it Yes this works for nearly every word #now I’m wondering how often my high school french teacher was silently screaming because of this little fact Every year Every year there’s that kid who forgets that you can’t translate “I am excited” to “Je suis excitée” And every year Monsieur Jordan has to slam the brakes before that kid can finish his sentence and then tactfully ask him not to announce to the class that he is horny “is the french language always on the verge” oh buddy oh pal i am so happy to break this news to you truly the language of love Hell language @randomnightlord No wonders I always got a 6 in FrenchI stay with German happily Meme

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