Drunk, Pepsi, and Applebee's: 4:10
 Lari-Ann 24
 Engineer at Big Construction
 Company Inc.
 6 miles away
 What's my ideal date?
 It's the weekend, and we go to
 Applebees for the $2 cocktail of the
 (January is Captain and Pepsi)
 We drink em until we get cut off.
 So we go to a 2nd Applebees.
 "Ooh be gah!"
 "Harva sol labaga along with hava
 so lawnumg!"
 The bartender cuts us off.
 Let's go back to your place
 Things start getting hot, but you're too
 drunk and can't get it up
 We go to a third Applebees.
Eating good in the neighborhood.

Eating good in the neighborhood.