410 PM 84%il AT&T 410 PM 1 849 31 mins hared a post Is it just me that is bothered by the apostles decaptadec and then the church on fire? Is this all still mere coincidence!? nA googiecom 14 hrs Don't hate on me for telling the truth Investigators were interviewing laborers involved in the renovation Dan KitwoodGetty Images Christians are the most persecuted religion worldwide yet No victim card No special defense ism or anti- word No immediate action after events worldwide Have no pull in mass media get These statues narrowly escaped the blaze Just days befo smeared defamed & attacked on a daily basis It's almost like it's by design the disaster they were taken down from the spire and transported their heads removed to a workshop for repairs Georges GobetAgence France-Presse -Getty Image Monday She’s taking the Notre Dame fire personally Repost after removing personal info Meme

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