427 1 Vanessa Today Hey! Good afternoon pretty lady It's still morning! Haha what are you up to? I've been up since 5 so it's definitely afternoon Fight me Ahaha okay okay Except it's BEFORE noon but Look at us already fighting like a married couple Ahaha love it I over you too dearest Love * Fuck You Send 427 1 Vanessa So what do we need from the store for me to cook you dinner later? Grilled chicken broccoli potatoes That sounds pretty boring I can make some pretty decent Italian food that will make your mouth orgasm Oh shit okay I was just trying to keep it simple but as my husband you knew exactly what food I love It's crazy I can remember lots of things but seem to be forgetting my wife's #GO Oh you honey just don't forget our an ary I promise if you remember back when you still gave me head Delivered Your message Send Guess I’m married now Meme

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