437 1 Today he 403 AM You might be genuine in your disgust but l've had many married women send me pics of thier tits sext or ask to hookup These were women I met online organically through Reddit or online game apps Facebook ect They jump into this with very little qualms Most men agree that the most promiscuous women are in fact married women not single women It's weird I have no explanation other than married women get bored with their stale marriage and want to experience the thrill a new fling brings even if it's just getting attention online by sexting and sharing risque pics that illicit self-esteem boosting compliments Btw you a THOT LittleDank 422 AM I'm a thot Bro you don't know anything about me Funnily enough I know plenty about you after the sad message you sent I wonder who burned your pathetic ass he 423 AM I labeled you a THOT based on your NSFW profile pic LittleDank 425 AM NSFW? Is that because you're 10? 434 AM Your selfie is flirtatious and has clear sexual connotations Iam old man With white hair LittleDank 435 AM wow You literally the epitome of she was asking to get raped because her dress was short n 435 AM There's a photo of me in my post history Timplied no such thing My selfie is SFW and does not cause pussy tingles I show no skin or even my face LittleDank 437 AM Yes you actually did by calling me a THOT when you don't even know one single thing about me but are making presumptions based on a very SFW profile picture 437AM It is completely PG LittleDank 437 AM You couldn't cause pussy tingles if your life depended on it Bye 438 AM Thave to respectively disagree Your elbow is bent in a seductive manner in that photo Your head is also tilted suggestively This is isn't even a close call for me Message u r Stitch It! Redditor messaged me after my previous post about my husband’s high school friend asking me for tit pics started gaining traction Meme

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