sublimebeeessry: timdrakeothy: 99fandomsandmarvelisone: krispythinkings: pearlmarley: sherlockismyholmesboi: hurpthederp: thenarator: joshunf: this guy would survive in movies girl i hope you appreciate your boyfriend. he just stood practically on top of a horror movie monster so you could get out of the elevator first. he loves you. are we going to ignore the actress who got kicked in the face well thats the price you pay for fucking terrifying someone This whole post is GOLD Yea, if you’re an actor and you deliberately try to freak people out then you need to be aware it’s flight or FIGHT. There’s a chance that someone will run away screaming but someone could also square up and try to kick your creepy ass. By deciding to be a creepy bastard you are accepting the possibility that you might end up getting hurt and I do not feel sorry for you. But a quick reminder: if you go to a haunted house, DONT GO if you know you react to fear with violence. You’re paying to be scared by these actors; they’re doing their jobs. They don’t deserve to be punched for something you signed off on. But if you’re an actor or prankster who’s picking targets who didn’t consent ahead of time, be warned, you might get punched. Every discussion point on this post is gold