4 hours ago hey guys what do you think of my real life pickle rick xD i tried doing it with rat meat but the limbs were too small and the bones and cartilage were too fragile it was tricky to work with and just too messy so I made the choice to instead use raccoon meat their anatomy is pleasantly similar to the rat but bigger and the muscles are nice and supple perfect for positioning about to get the right stancethe only downside is that there was more blood but i was able to find an old baby changing mat behind my house and as you can see it does a good job at keeping the mess off my carpet gonna keep him in my room next to my pop art figures inb4 the meatmat will stink I have a dozen air fresheners in my drawer so no the meat and mat will not stink out my room keep your negativity and judgement to yourselves Bruh ngl I’m very jealous Meme

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