4 hrs I am never surprised when the rabid packs of Satanists show up on my page with their ineffective attempts to cyberbully harass and attack me with their vaccine cult ugliness fallacious arguments and mindless hate What I have learned from these sad lonely and lost worshipers of Satan is that they love vaccines but know nothing about vaccines They pretend that its about science but when you dig deeper you always find that they Know very little about science Eventually you find that their motivations are much darker They love the whole idea of ritualistically injecting God's innocent children with a sick witch's brew of aborted human fetal cell DNA calf serum hamster ovarian cells dog kidney cells retro-viral contaminants and aluminum adjuvants found in vaccines today May God forgive them for their sins and ignorance Like Comment Share 306 27 shares This is not your average everyday stupid This is advanced stupid Meme

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