4 hrs RUSSIANS THINK EXACTLY LIKE ME In an interview with Vladimir Putin he was asked how it's possible that Russia can Not spread the gender ideology in schools and homosexual proselytism can not be done What Vladimir Putin said was exemplary In Russia you do Not discriminate you are Not persecute and they dont imprison any adult for being homosexual There are actors athletes artists who are homosexual and No one persecutes or discriminates against them But we are not going to tolerate to indoctrinate children in an ideology that is contrary to THE FAMILY because the basis of a Nation is the family When a child becomes an adult and reaches 18 years of age and decides to be homosexual it is his her decision!! But we are Not going to tolerate to destroy families from below proselytizing with children who do not have enough criteria to distinguish one way or the other ME THAT IS EXACTLY HOW I THINK CHILDREN ARE OFF LIMITS!!! CHILDREN MOST BE PROTECTED AND ALLOWED TO GROW UP AS CHILDREN AND NOT USED BY ANYONE IN ANY SEXUAL MANNER AND WE HAVE TOO MANY SICK ABUSIVE DEGENERATE PERVERTS OUT THERE DOING EXACTLY THAT ABUSING CHILDREN LET THE CHILDREN GROW UP AND THEY CAN MAKE THEIR OWN DECISIONS FOR THEIR LIVES! PERIOD! I also dont agree with the LGBT I dont believe they represent ALL gays or transgenders or lesbians They push degenerate behaviors that NOT ALL GAYS FOLLOW and I feel strongly GAYS should stand up and make it clearly understood NO IM NOT GAY IM JUST UNDERSTANDING So many words so much incoherence Meme

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