4 Layer THE GREATEST GUARDER FOR LCD SCREEN EXCLUSIVELY TOUCHING HOW TO USE IT 2 3 Use stick card to be pushing against fron nearby to inside until all air bubble is all forced out closely to a screen Scale off the bottom protective layar use both bands to hald tier ol doubling pieces soft and floury irmly Clean screen with wet fabris until there being no any residual thing Products Description -Hard and durable surface under special manufacturing process -Static technology eliminates the bubble effect and enhance firmly on the screen -Easily remove without any adhesive -High transparency with 995% clarity Strengthens with color chroma on the screen -Scratching protect on the screen -Suitable for solid and flexible touch screen Clearer process -Enhance clearer appearance on the display No effect clearer performance under outdoor and indoor environment My mom bought a screen protector online from China Said she didn’t understand the instructions and needed me to help her put it on I teased her about being old until I tried to read the instructions Meme

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