4 Self While in class calculated how high a 70kg person who is 180cm tall would need jump off to crush their skull v= 125264 5201 ms 05 2300 N 2300 a 2a a 32 5714286 E 94 46 42 8571 132-J811q What are your thoughts? Switch to markdown COMMENT SORT BY BEST ▼ points 8 hours ago 4 children points 12 hours ago 2 children s points 11 hours ago 1 child points 8 hours ago 1 child points 8 hours ago 1 child ↑ 9 points 10 hours ago Math looks great On a side note are you OK? Seriously if you need to talk need to vent or just need someone to listen hit me up I'm super new on reddit so maybe I'm missing a punch line or something If that's the case we can all get together and laugh about this later I'll buy the pizza Just wanted to make sure you know that someone is out here for you Reply Share Report Save Give Award 16 points 8 hours ago Yea cheers mate one of my good friends and I have a very dark sense of humour He was joking and said I wonder if I would die if I jumped out of the 2 story building I kinda just ran with it That's why the first part is me checking I'd 8m is high enough and it wasn't Reply Share Report Save Give Award Meme

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