4 This archaeological theory just-shower-thoughts Maybe medieval people happened upon a T-Rex fossil and came to a relatively logical conclusion that dragons existed rhymeswspinach I've read a couple books on this actually thats exactly what happened Also cyclops are from looking at bones from a certain type of baby elephant The giant note hole and tiny eyes made it look like a single eye awed-frog Yep can confirm! And what's even funnier to me is that back in the dark ages Greek people used to find a lot of prehistoric bear skeletons and those look exactly like human skeletons except they're like eight feet tall or something so they naturally assumed those were the heroes of legend and made armour and clothes for them and reburied them with the most splendid and sacred religious ceremonies they could think of? Fast forward five centuries Athens' all modern and rational philosophers and scientists aren't taking any shit from anyone but the problem is people will randomly find graves containing giant-ass warriors so that's something that can't be explained away and yeah demigods were a thing and yeah they used to be eight feet tall and sorry I don't make the rules 9880 notes awed-frogtumblrcom 5 This macabre definition 27K Buzz Feed 269 BuzzFeed's Post See More NO Archäologie Meme

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