40 min In the 17th month after my father died I would have successfully doubled my salary and acquired a paycheque according to that value therefore the reality of my doubled value is objective and empirical and not subjective as if it were an opinion of an individual it cannot be argued against by any logic with expected value to multiply one time again to triple what I was worth originally within 4 years 13 commentaires J'aime Commenter hope that spaghetti don't make it into your code lol J'aime Répondre 36 min I'm the one that turns spaghetti into working algorithms because white people aren't as good at math as Chinese J'aime Répondre 35 min There's no such thing as spaghetti to the Harvard educated there are just developers of lesser value and lesser education J'aime Répondre 34 min I being Harvard educated must design prototypes to fix code in practice in that I'm hired to replace 8 people by myself and there isn't much capacity to delegate to other than myself J'aime Répondre 31 min Meme

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