41 94% 807 AM Tweet Steven Pinker @sapinker Ever since I first taught psycholinguistics in 1980 I've been collecting lexically or syntactically ambiguous headlines Today's NYP is one of the best deliberate but clever in working both ways NEWYORKPOST FNN LATE CITY FINAL Amazon chief National Enquirer boss tried to blackmail me with nude pics BEZOS EXPOSES PECKERS SE PACES6 Tweet your reply Replying to @sapinker A tad sophomoric wouldn't you say? Says far more about the news organization than the story I do not believe the headline to be ambiguous Rather it is the quintessential double entendre and conveys both meanings quite clearly 3 16 2d I bet people love you at parties 3 2d unfortunately they don't I was never able to master blowing milk through my nose Thank goodness for my degree in psycholinguistics so I can understand this dick joke w bonus verysmart reply Meme

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