410 4G il 33% 232 pm 878 Share Award 16 1 more reply Yo so I'm trying to do more stuff by myself Stuff like concerts where before I would constantly be bugging my friends about going to see x or y on a certain date but none of them really seem that into it I don't really know how to make friends that like concerts either soI figured I might as well figure out how to love them while going alone So yeah first one is Carly rae jepsen in August Got tickets for the floor right in front of the stage and I'm pretty fucking hyped because Im a huge pop fan and CRJ is fucking dope lol Anyway just trying kind of talk out this thought process Thanks bros !i Reply 55 ff Cavaliere's subconscious 4d A quy is hyped to go to a Carly Rae lepsen concert alone Rare level of gay even for this sub Ah well good shit brah Hope you have a great time 110 Rudee43 4d I mean I'm not gay but yeah lol I can definitely act the part apparently 28 Add a comment me_irl Meme

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