41l47% 400 21 minutes ago I'm so tired of having to listen to women complain about something that's 100 % their fault First of all periods are disgusting Why do you feel the need to tell everyone and their mother sorry I'm in a bad mood it's that time of the month what is wrong with you? You're entire job is to be aesthetically pleasing and add femininity But instead you're slunched over holding your gut whining Nothing about it is sexy but the mental picture is worse Shoving phallic objects up there to absorb your leaking body that's trying desperately to get rid of your toxic blood Which is where it comes to it being your fault You're not a man which means your maternal ancestors didn't hunt They were at most gatherers and ate from the land Instead of salads and grains and fruits I see you monsters shoving burgers and steaks and chicken in your face Your body is trying to get rid of all that and so it's bleeding that animal graveyard you call a digestive tract out So I have no sympathy for your exaggerated pain 3 3 Comments Like Comment < women are at fault for having periods Meme

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