43% 541 PM HG 69 New seller Provide therapy for the game of thrones season 8 finale After season 8 has ended void in our hearts so many questions that needs to be answered all the things Dan and Dave did wrong and different from the actual story of a song of Ice and Fire we were left with a big I have been a long fan of this saga even long before it was introduced as a TV show Alongside with the books available now I have also read other materials that were provided by GRRM including Fire and Blood The world of ice and Fire and Tales of Dunk and Egg This gig is to help you know why certain events went the way they did and what was excluded or changed from the books written thus far 30 minute to 3 hour conversation will get a fun exchange and lots of questions answered $25 $15 $5 The Debate Chat 3 hours over the period a day or two game of thrones with a book lover and I found this freelancer selling therapy for season 8 His services are categorized under Spiritual &amp Healing Meme

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