44% 19 1 2 Tweet ShadowBlood287 @jutoHighwind 2h v @FarCrygame will there ever be a possibility to get a sword as a melee weapon Far Cry 5 @FarCrygame 2h Might want to check with our guys and girls on @ForHonorGame about that 15 180 For Honor@ForHonorGame 2h We may be good with swords but we'll throw it over to @assassinscreed to see what they got 10 184 Assassin's Creed @assassin scre· We have a pretty impressive range of swords you can choose from for sure but let's see what our bwaaahntastic friends @rabbidsofficial have in store 166 Rabbids@rabbidsofficial 1h We can definitely throw a Rabbid at someone's face but not sure anyone's really ready for that For sure our pals @Rainbow6Game are expert with that stuff they may be able to help out! 148 Rainbow Six Siege@Rainbow61h v You are clearly not one of our 30 milliorn players Have you even played Rainbow Six Siege? We have NO swords Ask @TheDivisionGame The Division@TheDivisionGame 1h v Sadly no swords here either only some golf clubs but perhaps @justdancegame can look into Scottish sword dancing? Just Dance 2018 @justdancega 1h v The only killing powers we have are our killer moves We're dancers not fighters! p @GhostRecon could probably help you more on this one! 93 Ghost Recon@GhostRecon 1h We have a wide selection of firearms different types customizable! And a crossbow @Rocksmithgame seem to be about waving dangerous looking things around maybe ask them? GHOST WAR th 3 89 Rocksmith@Rocksmithgame h We have axes but no swords sorry Have you asked @Steep Game yet? v Steep@Steep_Game 1h Well our skis are quite pointy but that's all we can offer @TheCrewGameany thoughts? The Crew 2 @TheCrewGame-59m Do spoilers counts? We've got some massive wings on our cars! 10tl 7 Ubisoft @Ubisoft Replying to @TheCrewGame and @Steep_Game I love inside Love to be a part 620 pm 31 May 18 23 Retweets 156 Likes Tweet your reply <p>Ubisoft devs having a bit of fun via rmemes <a href=httpsifttt2snDS7H>httpsifttt2snDS7H<a><p> Meme

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