45% 710 PM yG You know when people say they are Naruto fans I never believe them ESPECIALLY GIRLS!!! Because that anime is so fucking lit so fucking op so MOFO'ING BOSSY AS FUCK that it's impossible to believe them I don't trust them I always believe they only watched Naruto part 1 and maybe a little bit of part 2 like all the way up to maybe when Naruto finds Saddle the first time and that's it No I don't believe their asses saw the Sasuke vs ltachi fight or Sasuke vs Killer B or even the freaking 4 tailed Naruto vs Orochinaru fight And so much more than that petty stuff like Madara vs Shinobi Alliance or Naruto vs Pain Fawk outta here with your fake asses Naruto is too op for so many of you And if you don't know wtf op means in this context then you need to erase your life Ex-Regional Social Refugees Anime & Manga 7 Share 3 Reply to post Flashback to this post from a now-defunct app This was completely in earnest this is not a copypasta Meme

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