45 min ------- 6 pts That dude is hiding something by not showing himself but the girl on the receiving end has some serious fucking issues ONLY MEN KILL lol Collapse 4 pts 39 min he stated his terms to send a pic in part of the conversation we don't get to see i don't blame her for wanting to be safe but + 2 replies via Android O 2 pts 21 min But apparently she didn't send a picture either Only fair to expect a picture back when they expect to see you + 1 reply hide bad replies OP via Android O 42 min -3 pts I literally never said only men kill dumbass - Collapse 3 pts 41 min Just stop it You have issues You need help In fact i think you're safe from being kidnapped because they'd just throw your ass back - Collapse hide bad replies OP via Android O -2 pts 29 min Over weeks of hitting on me and sending me dick pics but telling me literally nothing about him and refusing to send a face pic Right + 1 replv 4 pts 27 min --------- You bring up MEN kidnapping people in general and when he brings up women do too you ask why he mentions women -_- how old are you? 12? Collapse hide bad replies OP via Android O 24 min -1 pts Y'all literally don't know my history with this particular guy I DON'T WANT TO MEET HIM why should I have to? 1 renlv 3 pts 24 min Thats your own problem YOU DONT HAVE TO! Stop feeding guys because of your own bordemvanity AND BLOCK HIM FROM DAY 1 Collapse OP via Android O -1 pts 22 min Dafuq He keeps messaging me i NEVER message him He knows i have no interest how tf am i baiting? You sound like a Nice Guy too lol - Collapse 3 pts 19 min Jesus block him I mean you have a few options Block him and get it over with I dont know in what other language to tell you BLOCK! - Collapse OP via Android O O pts 4 min I don't give a fuck it's funny watching him struggling It's funny watching YOU losing your shit over this - Collapse 2 min 2 pts Aww there she is He true colors finally revealed You deserve everything you have coming to you nicegirls incoming Happening right now on Imgur Girl posts pictures showing DM's with a guy who has been harassing her by sending unsolicited D pics and such when pressed about why she didn't block him her true colors revealed Meme

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