47 30 Share You're a vulgar bigoted little moron and as such you should only post at r TheDonald I suspect you'd also be a fit presence at r IncelslnAction And seeing that you're semi-literate and don't know basic history or basic economics l suppose that a coherent and empirical argument-- no matter how rudimentary or simply expressed-- would seem to you like an exercise in showing off I wrote a two sentence post containing only conversational language I wasn't showing off not in the least Here's what I was doing merely restating the obvious because you and you're ilk are so completely unmoored from reality that none of you can even begin to see it especially on your own Th it's doubtful any of you could see it with help either My post above clearly made no meaningful impression on you or the other nutjobs ough erqrqrqwetwq 23h httpswwwredditcomr Meme

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