49 69% 847 Av E 5 facebook 35 Eat The Rich EAT THE KICH 1 hr -AC The flag on the left belongs to the white supremacist group VDARE The Lion's head icon is a depiction of Mussolini's quote that it is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep That flag was created in 2016 as VDARE celebrated Trump's election victory Fast forward to right now The second image is a Trump-Pence campaign poster It uses the exact same head as the VDARE flag This is an open nod to white supremacists NO OTHER ORGANIZATION USES THAT SPECIFIC DEPICTION OF A LION'S HEAD Trump is a white nationalist and if you support him then you are too Donald J Trump VDARE Fo Folgen vdare realDonaldTrump ump takes every original colony except NJ hich hasn't voted yet Confirmed for new ontinental Army flag Thank you for the support as we MAK AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! TRUMP PENCE KEEP AMERICA GREAT esoM 54-26 Apr 2016 1210 PM-28 Aug 2019 1 31 35 Share Like Comment Meme

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