4951 themselves there results a sense of what has already taken place what is now going on and what is to ensue It mus not be claimed that anyone can sense time by tself apart from the movement of things or their restful immobility MATTER AND SPACE Again when men say it is a fact that Helen was ravished or the Trojans were conquered do not let anyone drive you to the admission that any such event is independently of any object on the ground that the generations of men of whom these events were accidents have been swept away by the irrevocable lapse of time For we could put it that whatever has taken pl icular tract of earth or IE occupied If there had beeu no matte place in which things could happen spar f Tyndareus' daugh breast of Pn Paris light itiless war no Wooden roy would have set the towers love kindled by the tha dazzling blaze Lir liun lame g e midnight issue of Greeks from its womb themsel you sho place i e s y see that events cannot be said to be by nse as space Rather them s accidents f matter or of the like which Material objects are of inds atoms and compounds o atoms preserved indefinitely &their absolute solidity Admittedly it is buildings as do anuts and oth The atoms themselves car lot be swamped by any force for they are hard to believe t anything ca i solid The ligh ist that is absolutely the y penetrates closed in the fire and hot rocks are cracked untempered scorching Hard gold is softened and melted hea bronze ice-like is liquefied by flame piercing cold seep through silver sin e feel oth alike an Meme

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