4G 0743 Search Facebook zOwouldn't use essential oils around dogs they aren't 100% safe and can cause more respiratory problems and sores Like Reply 7 m I specialize in Pet aromatherapy and the use of doTERRA essential oils for dogs if you use cheap oils that contain synthetic fillers they are toxic if your dogs ingest some oils they can be toxic that's why doTERRA have a Veterinary Advisory Board with 5 vets on the panel including Dr Janet Rourke world renowned Essential oil vet The air fresheners scented candles and plug ins that people use everyday are more toxic to your dogs as are the chemicals used to clean the floors that dogs are exposed to absorbing them through the pads of their feet following the correct guidelines and protocols whilst using essential oils gives a healthier life or us all Like Reply Just now Ah doterra say no more hun Dostina Write a reply GIF 4 1 The huns are now veterinary experts πŸ™„ Meme

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