4G 2017 86% Search 2 mins Make children aware of how to contact emergency services they said IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SUCH A STRAIGHT FORWARD CONVERSATION I had a park date with George today and upon seeing a telephone box he asked me is that a phone you use in emergencies right perfect time to teach him about emergencies and 999 and god forbid anything happens he can be one of these child heroes in take a break because he knew exactly what to do and saved the day Now I never had this conversation with Immi and the only time an ambulance was called was the time she put her finger in a pencil sharpener and ther amount of blood and that's when we had the conversation about when antino movie was a not to call an ambulance and that mummy had overreacted Anyway different childdifferent emergency procedure conversation George that's right you could use that phone box in an emergency or any other phones Do you know what an emergency is? 'Yes mum it's if wolves come to your house and eat you 'No no it's if someone is ill maybe' If wolves come to your house and eat you you will be ill 'Well yes but I mean maybe if someone fell down and couldn't get up or fell asleep and it was hard to wake them up' That's ok the wolves will wake them up' Just forget the wolves a minute George let's start again Do you know what numbers on the phone you push? If the wolves come? 'No if there is an emergency 'So wolves coming to our house isnt an emergency? 'No well yes but wolves won't come to our house 'But if they do it IS an emergency? Ok Yes' What about Trolls? 'What?! Trolls if they come and steal our money to cross a bridge is it an emergency? Right yes ok if trolls come to steal our money it's an emergency so if mummy can't get to the phone and you can do you know what numbers to push? 'I won't need to push any Mum the wolves will eat the trolls Inside voice shut up about fuckin wolves ARGHHHHH Meme

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