4G1859 karlcat dragonsstrike vampireapologist whenever i see a baby in public i wish i were like a powerful faerie god mother character who could give the baby a gift like you'll never get a cold or math will always make sense to you or something like bein' great with string instruments but I don't have any powers that I know of but it doesn't stop me from trying so every time l see a baby in public I tell the adult with it what a beautiful baby and it makes them smile and then pretend I can take the goodness of their smile and I look at the baby and I think very hard you will have a good life even if it's hard you will end up happy and I'm just hopin' the magic kicks in at some point vampireapologist faerie for your serviceI will grant you one boon me cool can it be the power to grant boons faerie looking through the manual uh Fuente vampireapologist 105617 notas FCHA UN VISTAZO A ESTAS ETIOUETAS 4 Jörgen will definitely not like this Meme

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