531 ll LTE Toxic Bear Ent L Share 87k 225 BEST COMMENTS Muerteds 2h 1 Award No this isn't the largest turtle recorded on camera It is a Hawksbill sea turtle and it's a chonker that's true They get up to about 3 feet long and almost 300 pounds though most are about half that weight The perspective of the camera is making this guy look bigger as he happily munches on a sea sponge their favorite food The largest turtle is the leatherback turtle and they are larger than any turtle tortoise ridley or terrapin by a very large margin They can get up to 7 feet long and 1500 pounds They can swim fast enough to porpoise and their mouths are terrifying hellholes of madness- all the better to eat jellyfish And here's a video of some Learn you a thing Reply 16k xerberos 1h their mouths are terrifying hellholes of Stop making shit up for clout Meme

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