538 YOU MATCHED WITH TALICIA ON 92519 Can I be blunt I wish you would just want fucking Today 953 AM Is that all i am to you Talicia? A piece of meat? Well I just wanted to be blunt But no your not To be fair i am a GODLY piece of meat So honestly i can't even blame you Haha I'm so confused but let's hang out and not fuck I also am quite confused One second you just want fucking and now you don't want to fuck? I gotta know what's going on Talicia I don't want to treat you like a piece of meat Are you going to treat me like a queen?? Today 1035 AM Not that either Today 1218 PM So you don't want to treat me like a piece of meat you don't want to treat me like a queen what can i expect Talicia? Treat you like a regular person Nothing lower nothing higher Woah Now THATS bold! I like it Today 132 PM You're welcome Today 341 PM So do you want to be treated normal too? Today 522 PM No like a queen wait a minute Hold up So you get to be a queen and i get normal?? How is that fair? Lol fine P'll do normal Dammit Talicia how about we're both queens Okay fineee Great! Now when are we gonna fuck? Sent After we go on a date Send Type a message GIF Stitch It This was a wild ride Meme

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