5391 Saturday at 543 PM l deleted Facebook for a bit l'm really try to focus on living my life instead of watching other people's FYI I'm out of the state of Texas effective Oct 1st in order to roadtrip the USA So prepare your couches Like Comment I just got back from a 5yr social media slumber 2d Like Reply Taking a break from social media honesty feels so refreshing I do it every now and then myself Have fun on your road trip and enjoy every moment! 2d Like Reply 2 thank you! And yes i deleted snap chat several years ago and IG last year Why do we need to share everything we're doing all the time? What does it do for us? Setting up a travel blog soon hope you'll check it out! 2d Like Reply Write a comment GIF Complains about oversharing on social media starts a travel blog instead Meme

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