547 PM f Like Hazmat Design KVLT STUDDED JACKET $80000 Pinit FUCK YOU PAY ME 501 PM С 24 901 wwwdollskillcomkvlt-sE9 ADD TO CART DESCRIPTION Hazmat Design Kvlt Studded Jacket wil have you signing up in a heart beat This sikk as fukk one of a kind jacket has everything you love about rock n' roll with their all over hand sewn patches perfectly placed throughout including everything from Black Sabbath to Alice Cooper screaming his lungs out on the back Both sleeves on this badazz jacket are completely covered by hand grommeted studs complemented by two zippers on the cuffs to give ya some extra wiggle room With extra studs littered throughout including around the collar asymetrical zip- up front and three zipper pockets to stash yer shit this jacket will save you the time of decking yerself out so you can get back to rockin' out DEETS unquestionable-deth leekimhoung metal-cvnt blackantlers666 Ok i had to screen cap this cuzzz i called them out on IG and they said they would change it Ahaha omggggg still i cannnnot #dollskill — Edit lol someone removed my comments and so erryone thinks it is cuz the price Nah brah its because they thought Fenriz was alice cooper which LOLOLOL5ever Oh my god what Metal isn’t fashion it’s music and a lifestyle to many I want to 1v1 the fashion industry Meme

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