547V Conservative Tribune by WJ 51 mins CT 31 shares Most Relevant v Dan Toni Wieland Great kids both of them so sad about Castillo But sadder yet is students who jumped under they're desks for safety WTHThat is no safe spotThese two boys did the right thingThe safest spot is one you make that is just what these to super kids did & in doing so saved all those who thought they were safe because some likely liberal said they would survive anything by jumping under they're desk This is quite simply the absolute stupidest thing ever A desk is simply a place to die & make it easy on the shooter Thank god for kids like these two they knew what to do & I salute them & their parents for having the smarts to do the right thing & parents for instilling this kind of thinking to their children As this is lacking in so many these days 1m Like Reply Write a comment 3 If liberals would stop teaching kids to hide under their desks during school shootings our high schools would be full of more dead heroes Meme

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