552 Q rTheFairerSex he didn't get a bigger one T Share Comment Vote uDestroyTheFalus ld l once told a guy the reason he was upset over me cheating on him was because women operated on logic and men operate solely on emotions T Share Comment Vote uFriendly_Tone ld having body hair is awesome because it means i can offend men without even having to open my mouth Comment Share Vote uAggravatingAerie 1d Men it's time to start shaving your backs Sorry vou can't be gross anymore Comment T Share Vote uJezebeltheQueen5656 ld Goddess give me the confidence of a manlet like this nothing pisses me off more than a dude who i don't find attractive who i wouldn't even fuck who isn't even on my radar to come at me sideways with some advice to tell me how to be more attractive to his standards you look like a dirty wash rag after cleaning a pot full Comment Share Vote uJezebeltheQueen5656 2d Kinda hypocritical huh Meme

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