554 leafgreen6 cate @thevalkyriors men bitching about the video games that girls play as if red dead redemption isn't just a more intense version of barbie horse adventures 328 pm 03012019 Twitter for iPhone dertora ItsJoeyDigs 16h I bought this cool western game to do manly things like hunt fish rob trains track down outlaws pick cute outfits out for my character brush his hair Make sure he looks nice You know bad ass stuff like that Reply 164 CodeBlue 04 15h Bathe him make sure he eats his vegetables manage his finances brush and feed his horse clean his guns look at the animals in his journal Y'know guy stuff Noamias 13hArthur Morgan Arthur's just a realistic Ken Doll in a game 27 A tweet and a reddit thread walk into a bar and somehow end up on tumblr Meme

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