5 COFFEE & POOP FACTS ABOUT THE FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN Coffee helps release a hormone thot is somehow really good at stimulating a certoin part of the muscde in your large intestine oka colon Scientists still don't know why Does caffeine do it? Not really Studies show that even ndecaf coffee mokes you poop Coffee drops the poop bomb as soon os up ther's torpedo speedy 4 minutes ofter your first cup-that's You have no idea what poop hos to do with coffee? I Understand because of the coff only 29% of the coffee drinkers ore affected by this coffeepoop friendship All you people who olways want to go after you drink coffee you are a rare kind Ladies unfortunately this coffee-poop friendship offects you twice as m as much os men See you in4掜! I ļ¹€ COFFEE Meme

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