@ 5 %D+ co Verizon LTE 1202 AM Tweet tashae @nstaylor If you're 200 pounds maybe a bikini isn't for you 81414 1248 PM oo Verizon 13 % 1224 AM Tweet Stephanie @stephaniebutton Please don't wear a bikini if you're 200+ pounds Thanks 52614 1208 PM @ 6 %D co Verizon LTE 1202 AM Tweet Lizajane @BarrettCarson If your over 200 pounds please don't wear a bikini 8614 1031 PM Tweet 1Cσσειε 1 @kvllcashh You over 200 pounds and got the audacity to wear a crop top 82715 1035 PM 2 LIKES 5 % + oo Verizon LTE 1200 AM Tweet audra @Audra myers1 Sorry but if your over 200 pounds you shouldn't be trying to fit your fat ass in a crop top You CANNOT pull it off 5% + co Verizon LTE 1200 AM Tweet cassidy bent @Cassidybent12 I'm sorry but if you're like 200 pounds you shouldn't be wearing a crop top 72614 123 PM Tweet Tee Bozz @woahitsteebozz Attention all girls over 200 pounds please do yourself and all of us a favor and throw the booty shorts in the garbage Gross 10 % D+ oo Verizon 1221 AM Tweet BreAnna DO @QDiva6 It is NOT acceptable to wear booty shorts while being 200+ pounds #sorrynotsorr 4 % D+ co Verizon LTE 1158 PM Tweet BB @BiancaaaBitch Okay if you weigh over 200 Pounds you should not be posting selfies of you in your booty shorts #JusSayin @ 3 %D oo Verizon LTE 1155 PM Tweet Sheezus @Shaywop If you weigh more than 200 pounds PLEASE dont wear leggings in public 32113 555 PM 4 % + oo Verizon LTE 1157 PM Tweet b9 @xomgvickyy If ur over 200 pounds don't wear leggings 122314 635 PM co Verizon 10 %D 1220 AM Tweet Linzie Fuechtmann @NillaWafer If you're over 200 pounds I would highly recommend you to never wear leggings omg dumbass-bitch-disease calcifina theslaybymic This girl has a strong message for body-shaming victims “Wear whatever the hell you want” Sara Petty created a collage of tweets she found alongside pictures of her wearing the clothes that the tweets said not to wear with a big smile strewn across her face The result was glorious and in addition to helping other girls feel good about their bodies she also helped herself More like this on @this-is-life-actually IS SHE SINGLE?AND GAY? Meme

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