5 hours ago Hello! My husband is repulsed by my aged urine rubs He hates every single hing about it Even with the essential oils he says he still smells it all over me- even to the point he doesnt want to touch me Should I compromise by only drinking it and using it up the nose ears ect I have literally tried everything to get rid of the smell he even says the jars look like dead waste please i need some help here I will give you the same advice I gave who is now a member of this group to0when his husband was complaining about AU Leave him There are other fish in the sea and had he never left we wouldve never began our journey together United by AU Aged urine rubs with a partner are electrifying spiritually DO 33 4h Like Reply bogleech bogleech I have to agree with the response if you truly can’t bear life without lathering yourself up in your own rotting piss juice because you think it’s magic you should probably do the right thing and spare your loved ones from yourself Oh no you mean some of you still didn’t know that FERMENTED HUMAN PISS is the latest homeopathic health craze??? They drink it they bathe in it they buy and trade it they think it’ll cure cancer and de-age them and boost their immunity and anything else they feel like making upMark my words eating shit is probably next The funniest part is these are the same people obsessed with “detoxifying” their bodies What the fuck do they think piss IS they totally have a fetish… Meme

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