5 hrs Ok This is NOT a joke We paid a photographer who claimed to be a professional $250 for a family photo shoot Please see these FOR REAL photos she delivered to usShe said the shadows were really bad on the beautiful clear sunny day and that her professor never taught her to retouch photos Feel Magery by Lesa Hall C 2017 Magery by Lesa Hall IMagery by Lesa Hall O 2017 mostlyjudson r3druger tiffanarchy libertarirynn siryouarebeingmocked derpomatic Holy shit she NPC’d them! You get what you pay for… Since when is $250 considered “cheap” for a family photo? what lol When you value a freelancer’s actual talent enough to pay then real money for doing a real job This is an idiotic statement The photographer could have sent them unedited photos for 250$ It’s only a “idiotic statement “if you know literally nothing about quality photography Yeah you could get some piece of shit unedited photos for less than $250 but if you actually want it done right you’re definitely going to have to pay more Meme

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