5 months ago This was once my favorite place to go after school but there was always a thought in my mind that it was far to expensive That never bothered me and over the years I spent tons of money and asked them once to lend me a dollar as I go there everyday The man at the counter the owner said no and yelled at me go get out Really rude and condescending I recommend people not to go and not to get involved with an overpriced restaurant if you can even call it that Dear We've have seen you come in numerous times over the years and have repeatedly asked to have us give you credit which you have never paid back We've never said anything until now because we know you However this is becoming a habit and we can longer keep giving you our products at a reduced price because you don't have the money You have said multiple times that you will pay back next time and we've never received any such payment We're disappointed that you would post a review out of spite and I hope that this won't become a habit for you as such behavior is unacceptable Restaurant owner tells the true story Meme

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