5 THANKSGIVING FOODS TO NOT GIVE YOUR PET UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA College of Veterinary Medicine Grapes or raisins While these are often added to Thanksgiving stuffing and salad they can be toxic if fed to your dog or cat and result in them developing kidney failure Fatty foods such as turkey drippings or skin While your dog may find these foods delicious feeding these high fat foods to them can cause a life-threatening condition called pancreatitis Turkey bones Turkey bones whether cooked or raw can cause obstruction in your pets esophagus or intestines or they could splinter and cause sharp edges on the bones that could perforate your pet's intestines Onions onion powder garlic & chives alium species While your mash potatoes or gravy may taste delicious with these foods added to them they contain compounds that can cause irritation and inflammation to your pet's intestines gastroenteritis In addition they may cause damage to your pet's red blood cells and cause anemia that shows up days later Cats are particularly sensitive to these foods Raw yeast dough Yeast dough can rise and release gas that can be not only painful for your dog but it could also cause your dog's stomach to bloat and potentially twist In addition yeast produces ethanol as a by-product and this could result in your dog becoming drunk Thanksgiving is synonymous with an abundance of good food and while we want everyone to enjoy their holiday feast please be mindful of foods that could be harmful if given to your pets These five foods should not be shared with your dog or cat Meme

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