5 years later Still my best co-pilot! Reddit udingatron @DrSmashlove SO AFTER MY YESTERDAY POST ON CHIK FIL A ONE OF MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS SENT ME A TWEET FROM JUSTIN DURANT AN NFL LINEBACKER WHO IS CURRENTLY A FREE AGENT WHERE SOMEONE ASKED HIM “Would you boycott Chick Fil A if the owner came out and said slavery was a good idea?” AND THIS FOOL SIMPLY REPLIED SAYING “Chicken too tasty” 😐 MY BODY HAS LEFT THE EARTH 😢 I’M DEAD 😵 NOBODY WAKE ME UP 😴 IT’S A WRAP ✌️ IT’S OVER 💀 GOOD NIGHT FOREVER 😂 Ps “Smash what if in the year 2050 women convene at the annual women’s march and finally decide to exact they revenge and enslave men and all we could work was menial jobs for no wages like male robot indentured servitude beasts of burdenWould you boycott women?” 🤔 Me asf “Nani too tasty” 👅😍🤷‍♂️😂😂😂 Meme

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