500daysofeffyou-deactivated2017 SpongeBob where's my order? Did you look under the tray? Oh No I didn't sorry entropychronicles my favorite part is there's two equally enjoyable and in character ways to look at this 1 humored the suggestion sarcastically to 2 humored the suggestion seriously and he either express to spongebob how stupid it was hates himself for it wiz-witch I always saw him as doing it seriously just from the tone he has when he does it and after lifting the tray he realizes how stupid this was annamaetion Hey Spongbob is provably nigh-magical in this universe Depending on where this is in the cannon Squidward has witnessed Spongbob do things such as Drive a rock like it was a car Fly with only a scrap of paper Make i Make impossible shapes with soap bubbles Ward off a Sea Bear with only a circle drawn in the dirt Break into fully realized musical numbers So Spongbob managing to hide a Krabby patty under a serving tray would not only be in- character for Spongbob but also reasonably possible I am squidward Meme

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