52% 1641 Posts sell and trade buy 1 hr Anyone in need of Norwex but want to skip the shipping costs? Apparently when my husband took care of some cancer bills as well as utilities what that really meant was my tucked them away to not 'stress me out with three babies stressful but my health hasn't allowed me to do as much as I would like he this is far more SO I have a huge inventory from earned shopping sprees and massive parties SO I would love for you to skip the ship and buy direct AND as an added bonus I can turn my water back on!! Norwex users what are you low on? Those who haven't tried Norwex yet-this is a great time to try it and rid your home office-life of toxic chemicals!! Thanks so much Ladies And there are ppl not only defending norwex but falling for the standard scam in my local buyselltrade group Sob story about cancer but if you'd just buy her product she can turn her water back on Apparently saying you shouldn't spend money on an mlm product is not popular Meme

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